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Bee products

Apicoltura Mori

Bees are among the most industrious and intelligent insects; in fact, in their short life, the worker bees produce many types of substances, all with very specific characteristics and which give us humans sustenance and valid aids for the health of the skin and body. Pollen and Propolis are among these, they have properties that can help us for physical and mental well-being, helping us to treat inflammation, lack of appetite, fatigue and much more.


Vendita miele online Propolis
Propolis can be considered a natural antibiotic, capable of counteracting the first flu symptoms and the malaise caused by sore throats and colds.

Flower pollen

Vendita miele online Flower pollen
Pollen is collected by bees directly on the flowers, it represents the fertilizing male element of the plant. It represents a precious ally for physical health.

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