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Apicoltura Mori

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Apicoltura Mori
Birth of a passion

In 1974 Antonio Mori, founder of the Mori Beekeeping, decided to change his professional life and undertake a new challenge by devoting himself fully to what would later become his only occupation, beekeeping. He begins by studying the essence of this magical world from a great master, a professional beekeeper who gives him books and explains the secrets and knowledge of the trade.
The management of the company is familiar and over the years it has become one of the most successful in the province, thanks to the common passion that has characterized the development of this fascinating and engaging business.

All production is done in completely green areas, far from cities and sources of pollution. All the materials used comply with hygiene standards and no treatments are used that could harm the transparency and genuineness of the honey.

The Company, Apicoltura Mori

Antonio Mori was born on August 14, 1950 under the sign of Leo. The son of Tuscan merchants, he lost his father at the age of only 14, and from that moment on he became the head of the family. After completing the technical expert school, he began working in the factory and after a career of a few years and having become a foreman, he decided, with the encouragement of his enterprising wife Ezia, to leave everything for a dream, beekeeping. It was 1974, and Mori beekeeping was born. Antonio initially joined the new company as a representative for another large beekeeping company at trade fairs in Italy and Europe, which helps to give him a broader view of the market. Thanks to the total dedication and assiduous work of the two spouses, the company develops, and after 30 years, it has become a solid.

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