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Orange Blossom Honey

Apicoltura Mori

It 's a honey particularly appreciated by the intensity and finesse reminiscent of the aroma of the flowers from which it derives.Its used for the creation of desserts and as a sweetener for tea and herbal teas.

Production area. Calabria.
Harvest time. Aprile.
Aroma. Intense, floral, reminiscent of orange blossom flowers.
Color. Clear, white when crystallized.
Taste. Sweet, fruity.

Orange Blossom Honey 250 gr.

Prezzo: 5.00 €

Orange Blossom Honey 500 gr.

Prezzo: 8.00 €

Orange Blossom Honey mignon jar 40 gr.

Prezzo: 2.00 €
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