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Apicoltura Mori

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The Honeys

Apicoltura Mori

We produce the best Acacia, Chestnut, Linden and Rhododendron Honeys and we also make use of the collaboration of a trusted company for the production of fine Orange and Eucalyptus Honey.
The production areas are adjacent to the town of Carpignano Sesia, where the environment has been preserved intact and nature is uncontaminated. An ideal place for our 0 Km production to develop fully.

Wild Flowers Honey

Vendita miele online Wild Flowers Honey
Wild Flowers Honey contains a great variety of flowers of mountain and forest...

Eucalyptus Honey

Vendita miele online Eucalyptus Honey
It's a honey with a strong aroma, not very sweet...

Chestnut Honey

Vendita miele online Chestnut Honey
Chestnut honey has special characteristics and properties...

Orange Blossom Honey

Vendita miele online Orange Blossom Honey
It 's a honey particularly appreciated by the intensity and finesse reminiscent of...

Linden Honey

Vendita miele online Linden Honey
Linden honey has popular features because calming...

Acacia's Honey

Vendita miele online Acacia's Honey
It 'a honey appreciated for its sweet, delicate flavor...

Rhododendron Honey

Vendita miele online Rhododendron Honey
It a very valuable honey because flowers grow in high altitudes...

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