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Apicoltura Mori

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Apicoltura Mori
The genuineness of handcrafted products

Our work done with the hands, with the heart, and the passion that distinguishes us, has been handed down for over 30 years.
We offer and select completely natural honeys and beehive products that reflect the authenticity of our territory. Our products are excellent for a delicious breakfast to spread on bread or to give a delicious touch to yogurt and desserts, and there is no shortage of honeys suitable for enhancing the taste of the most sought-after cheeses.

Gifts and favors

Vendita miele online Gifts and favors
A jar of honey represents an original idea that highlights a special occasion; it can be customized according to your needs and become a unique and greedy gift.

Bee products

Vendita miele online Bee products
Beehive products such as Pollen and Propolis are precious allies for our health, in fact they provide vitamins and mineral salts and have antibiotic functions as in the case of Propolis.

The Honeys

Vendita miele online The Honeys
Our honeys are produced with passion and love in green and uncontaminated places of Val Sesia, a land of a thousand colors respectful of ancient traditions

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