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Apicoltura Mori

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Apicoltura Mori, Italian Honey

Apicoltura Mori

"Whatever this substance is, the sweetness of heaven, a secret noise from the stars, a breath of air is true that the nectar comes to us pure, clean and genuine."

From "Historia Naturalis"

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Apicoltura Mori

"Ours are natural products born from experience and love, we produce honey and its derivatives."

Wild Flowers Honey

Vendita miele online Wild Flowers Honey
Wild Flowers Honey contains a great variety of flowers of mountain and forest...

Eucalyptus Honey

Vendita miele online Eucalyptus Honey
It's a honey with a strong aroma, not very sweet...

Rhododendron Honey

Vendita miele online Rhododendron Honey
It a very valuable honey because flowers grow in high altitudes...

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Apicoltura Mori

"In addition to different types of honey, we pack wedding favors and gifts for every occasion"

Gifts and favors

Vendita miele online Gifts and favors
A jar of honey represents an original idea that highlights a special occasion; it can be customized according to your needs and become a unique and greedy gift.

Bee products

Vendita miele online Bee products
Beehive products such as Pollen and Propolis are precious allies for our health, in fact they provide vitamins and mineral salts and have antibiotic functions as in the case of Propolis.

The Honeys

Vendita miele online The Honeys
Our honeys are produced with passion and love in green and uncontaminated places of Val Sesia, a land of a thousand colors respectful of ancient traditions

So wrote Pliny the Elder in his Naturalis Historia:
Throughout the history philosophers and scientists, wrote about honey in their extracts and someone , such as Aristotle and Hippocrates,studied the complex bee social life using honey for their personal use. Honey has inspired many legends and fascinating stories about his magical powers. The ancient civilizations, aware of the value of honey, used it for both esoteric and therapeutic uses.

And it is in the essence of this excellent nectar that Apicoltura Mori has set all the production, sharing with the consumer quality and excellence of its products

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